Man Cheers On The Suns With His Prosthetic Leg

Watching Suns fans on the jumbotron at Phoenix Suns Arena is always a treat, but one fan recently made headlines for what he did while the camera was on him. Turns out there’s an important message behind it all.

Jason Kiernan and his friends bought tickets for Game 2 of the NBA Finals the night they won the Western Conference Finals. The group attended the game in Phoenix where Jason became a big hit amongst the crowd after holding up his prosthetic during the shoe game contest on the jumbotron.

“We just happened to have a camera guy at the end of our row,” said Kiernan. “We got his attention and the next thing you know we were on the jumbotron and then again when they announced the winner, the whole stadium erupted. It was pretty cool. " The moment was silly and joyful, and you’d never know what Jason has been going through the last few months.

After being involved in a motorcycle accident back in April, he had his foot amputated, and it’s been a difficult journey ever since. “I woke up the next day in the hospital in ICU but was fortunate enough right at 8 weeks I was able to get into a prosthetic and it’s getting a little bit easier every day.” As he’s still adjusting to a new life, Jason has a message for drivers on the road.

“If you see motorcycles try to give them some space as much as possible cause it’s not usually the motorcycle’s fault when there’s an accident it’s somebody that’s not paying attention or just doesn’t have respect for people who are on the bike itself.”

Jason is now working on starting a foundation to help people get the prosthetics they need to improve their quality of life. One moment at a Suns game opened the door for him to share his story.

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