Double Amputee Summits Everest Decades After Losing Feet In Failed Attempt

June 4th 2018

It was roughly 43 years ago that Xia Boyu made his first attempt to scale Mount Everest. The Chinese climber had been in his mid-20s, serving in an expedition that came close to the peak before it unraveled under the force of high-altitude storms.

Xia lost his feet to frostbite…

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Vitamin D deficiency associated with increased type 2 diabetes risk

May 21st 2018

Being deficient in vitamin D could increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, according to a new study. The research from US and South Korean scientists builds on existing studies linking vitamin D deficiency to type 2 diabetes risk, but the mechanisms behind this association are not fully understood. The study team now plans to investigate…

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STEM Student Perspectives

January 26th 2018

After spending roughly a month shadowing Brian, Rick and David at American Orthopedics, I have been completely blown away by the whole operation.

One experience in particular really stuck out to me, and it was an experience that I hope to never forget. I was able to see a patient…

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Staying at a Hotel with a Prosthesis

December 26th 2017

There are many accommodations we make for ourselves in our own homes we may take for granted on a daily basis. When staying in an unfamiliar hotel there are certain things that should be taken into consideration to ensure you will be able to safely carry out your activities of…

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Traveling with a Prosthesis

November 26th 2017

Everyone knows that air travel can be full of hassles. Add wearing a prosthesis into the mix, and the thought of getting from security to your seat can be downright overwhelming.

Below are tips for getting through the airport with minimal difficulty.

Let the TSA workers know you wear a…

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