This coin-sized smart insulin patch could monitor glucose for diabetes management

February 13th 2020

Researchers at three universities have developed a smart insulin-delivery patch that has the potential to also monitor and manage glucose levels in people with diabetes.

The adhesive patch was developed by a team of researchers and bioengineers from UCLA, the University of North Carolina School of Medicine and the Massachusetts…

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Utah Man 1 of 10 Trying Out New Bionic Leg

January 23rd 2020

A vascular disease due to type 2 diabetes claimed the left leg of 60-year-old Kerry Finn, a retired truck driver from Salt Lake County, Utah. For a long time, Finn had been using a standard prosthetic until last year when he became one of 10 human subjects that would go…

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Bionic Arm Will Restore Grip For Teenage Amputee

January 9th 2020

Last month we introduced you to Mariah Jenkins, a volleyball player from Crosby, North Dakota, who plays the sport with a fist full of courage. Doctors amputated her left arm above the elbow following a serious car accident in 2018. She refused to quit playing sport, and has adapted her…

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Travel Information: TSA Security Checkpoint

December 12th 2019


Planning a trip can be an exciting process as you eagerly await the opportunity to have some much-needed rest and relaxation. It may also be necessary for you to travel to visit with your friends and loved ones. One of the obstacles before getting to your destination is navigating…

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Life Is About Perspective for Veteran Amputee

December 4th 2019

When you think of a veteran and quadruple amputee sharing their story of resilience you probably aren’t expecting comedy. But Staff Sgt. Travis Mills defies expectation. 

Quinnipiac University’s Center for Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences hosted Mills to talk about his life and recovery after losing portions of his arms…

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Paralyzed Woman Will Use Exoskeleton To Participate in N.Y. Marathon

November 19th 2019

Nearly a decade ago, Terry Vereline — who’s paralyzed from the chest down — “[moped] around in the morning … not wanting to get out of bed.” Now, the Long Islander is prepping for her first New York City Marathon. The 65-year-old ex-Army sergeant (who formerly went by the last name…

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Swimmer Undergoes Experimental Amputation That Preserves Leg Muscles

November 5th 2019

An elite swimmer from Bedford has undergone her second leg amputation due to a rare vascular condition. Morgan Stickney is the first person in the world to receive an experimental surgery in Boston on both her legs. Stickney had her left leg amputated in 2018 but continued to compete. She…

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Helping Patients Get Back on Their Feet

October 29th 2019

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Rick Nitsch has 36 years of experience in his profession — a profession that truly changes lives.

In one medical profession, the relationship begins at the lowest point
American Orthopedics in Columbus manufactures many of its own prosthetic parts to help eliminate wait times for patients
They sometimes…

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New Technology: Neuroprosthetic Leg Allows Natural Sensation, Movement

October 24th 2019

A new prosthesis powered by microscopic electrodes implanted in the thigh muscles of the wearer transmits natural sensations when the limb is touched, as well as with the movement of the limb. This allows the body to react as it usually does during walking to compensate for any gait irregularities…

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Virtual Hand Model Could Improve Prosthesis Development

October 7th 2019

Whatever our hands do -- reaching, grabbing or manipulating objects -- it always appears simple. Yet your hands are one of the most complicated, and important, parts of the body. Despite this, little is understood about the complexity of the hand's underlying anatomy and, as such, animating human hands has…

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