Serving Central Ohio's prosthetic and orthotic needs since 1970.
Looking back with pride, looking forward with purpose.

Our Story

It is our mission to provide O&P services to Central Ohio in a professional manner and to meet our patient’s needs by providing modern, high-quality custom prosthetics and orthotics and superior service

American Orthopedics has positioned itself as the technology leader in prosthetics & orthotics over its 44 year history of providing care to the citizens of Central Ohio.

  • We were the first to introduce immediate postoperative prosthetic fitting to Ohio.
  • We proudly implemented the post-operative fitting of a Removable Rigid Dressing (RRD) protocol that has significantly reduced the interval between amputation and prosthetic fitting and published research on the topic.
  • The first below elbow myoelectric prosthesis in Columbus was fit by us.
  • Nationally recognized by BiOM in fitting the first powered foot & ankle system in Central Ohio and 1 of 12 national launch facilities
  • The first Utah Arm (myoelectric above elbow prosthesis) in Columbus
  • Selected to be the exclusive MyoPro provider in Central Ohio

American Orthopedics has the only BioSculptor, computer aided design and manufacturing system in Central Ohio along with the newly introduced handheld Polhemus BioScanner. BioSculptor is a state-of-the art design and manufacturing system for prosthetics and orthotics, utilizing laser imaging, fast computer modeling and a high speed, 4.5 axis CNC mill. BioSculptor is capable of spiral CT scan data acquisition and input for hands on “casting” and rapid post-surgical orthotic spinal management.

Every day at American Orthopedics we provide early, cost saving, prosthetic intervention. This lessens rehab inpatient time as well as hospital stays.  We pride ourselves on using modern, research-based, and proven critical pathways for prosthetic management.  Our commitment to quality care, coupled with 21st century technology allows us to provide fast, cost-effective service to the Central Ohio area.

Our partnership with OPGA / POINT Health Care provides cooperative interaction with the finest practitioners in the U.S.  American Orthopedics is clearly the first choice for prosthetic & orthotic coverage to managed care networks, with expertise in upper extremity and lower extremity prosthetics, upper extremity, lower extremity and spinal orthotics. To fulfill these needs we only employ ABC Certified and Ohio Licensed Orthotists and Prosthetists that have been classically trained.